Nifty Needles 4-H Club

Youth Sewing, Life Skills, Service and Leadership
Wakefield, MA

Sewing with the Nifty Needles 4-H Club


Our club creates a variety of sewing projects.  
At the beginning of our year we start with some simple 
sewing technique.
We also begin with a simple project that all members could participate in.  Older members may choose to help teach
younger members as part of their junior leadership project.

After this, our club members choose a pattern and fabric based on their sewing experience whether they may be a beginner, intermediate, or advanced sewer.  Our volunteer leaders are ready to help you choose just the right project.  You can also ask to have them help you by coming to the fabric store to help with your selections.
See the information on our "Sewing Fun" page  to help in making the correct choices.

Click here for some suggested learning experiences for youth sewing members based on what year they are in:   Sewing Levels

Our Massachusetts 4-H Clothing and Textiles Advisory Council also has some suggestions and guidelines.  Click here to find out some competition expectations:   
   State Clothing & Textiles Guidelines

Our club teaches a variety of sewing techniques which include learning different types of seam finishes, making wise fabric choices based on member's style and experience, and taking extra steps to make sure their project is something that will stand wear and tear.  We encourage members to not just learn to sew, but also take pride in their work by taking the extra effort to learn and practice good sewing technique with a willingness to make corrections should they be necessary .   As part of the UMass Extension and the USDA we are an educational youth outreach and therefore strive to teach with a vision of fashion careers, internships, and college opportunities for our members should they be interested.


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