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Youth Sewing, Life Skills, Service and Leadership
Wakefield, MA

Project Information

 Members in the Massachusetts 4-H Program are required to carry at least one project area during the year.  There are a wide variety of projects that members may choose from.  As a member of the Nifty Needles 4-H Club members are involved with the project area of Clothing.  This involves anything that a member may learn about that topic from purchasing, consumerism, sewing technique, textiles, fashion, careers, and the care and repair of garments.  Our club members are also involved with Community Service and Public Speaking.  Others may also be involved with Leadership Development.  Members are to have year-long goals for what they will learn and make a plan for learning them.  These are journaled by the member during the year in their personal 4-H Record Book.

If a member has chosen a project that the club is not involved with a project mentor is recommended in order to help the member to grow in that project area.  It is also encouraged that the member share this learning with others in their 4-H club, community, county, etc.     This list of MA projects areas are below.  Some of these areas  may have 4-H curriculum to guide the member in their learning process.  To find available 4-H juried curriculum go to



 Massachusett 4-H Project Areas:

 Animal Management & Care

·         Animal Science
·         Veterinary Science
·         Beef
·         Dairy
·         Working Steer
·         Goats
·         Horse (includes horse owners & non-owners)
·         Poultry
·         Embryology
·         Sheep
·         Swine
·         Rabbits
·         Cavies
·         Dog Care and Training
·         Cats
·         Reptiles/Amphibians
·         Llama
·         Small Pets

Environmental Studies & Plant Science

·         Plant Science
·         Fruit/Vegetable Garden
·         Flower Gardening & House Plants
·         Entomology
·         Bee Keeping
·         Environmental Studies
·         Geology
·         Forestry
·         Water Resources
·         Marine Science
·         Sport Fishing
·         Wildlife 

General Science

·         Computers
·         Electrical
·         Aerospace
·         Small Engines
·         Woodworking
·         General Science
·         Waste Management
·         Recycling 

 Home Environment & Healthy Living

·         Home Environment
·         Consumerism
·         Clothing
·         Needlework & Quilting
·         Food and Nutrition
·         Food Safety
·         Food Science
·         Child Care
·         Health
·         Fitness
·         Sports
·         ATV Safety
·         Safety 

Communication & Expressive Arts

·         Arts and Crafts
·         Performing Arts
·         Hobbies and Collections
·         Graphic Arts
·         Photography/Video
·         Public Speaking/Radio/TV
·         Writing/Print Media 

Citizenship & Personal Development

·         Development
·         Intergenerational Program
·         Community Service
·         Pet Therapy/COMPACT
·         Government/Citizenship
·         Community Service Learning
·         Cultural Education
·         Interstate Exchange
·         Leadership Development
·         Personal/Character
·         Entrepreneurial/Small Business


Members should be registered through the county office in their project area prior to submitting Project Records.




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